Manufacturing process

We use Half Hard Brass of 64/36 Alloy. It is double coated with Solder .Solder is made out of virgin Malaysian tin ingots and Australian lead ingots. We make sure the brass used is as per specifications of customer.For Industrial and Generator application we use brass of thickness of 0.12 mm and 0.14 mm For tractor application,earthmoving and automobile application we use brass of 0.10 mm thickness. Post coating we make tubes out of it. We make tubes of brass strip sizes ( 33mm,31mm,28mm,27mm,25mm,23mm) which means the tube size will be ( 13mm,12mm,10.5mm,10mm,8.5mm,7.5mm) We make Fins out of Tin Beryllium Copper With Full Hard Temper which remains hard after baking and does not fail in baking test.We do double folding for making fins.We use Copper of different thickness 0.04mm,0.045mm and 0.05 mm as per application.So on the edges you get thickness of 0.08,0.09mm and 0.10 mm respectively. We make flat fins .The tightness of fin contact with tubes determine cooling efficiency.In our cores fins will in stiff contact with tubes.We make fins in German Type (Heavy Duty ) as well as English type (Light Duty).
Brass StripsTube SizeTube Pitch Copper Strips in 4 RowRemarks
33mm13 mm8.81 mm (German Type)77 mm
31mm12 mm9.27 mm (German Type)66 mm
31mm12 mm8.81 mm (german type)72 mm
31mm12 mm15.875 mm (English Type)58 mm Tubes will be in cross pattern
28 mm 10.5 mm 15.875 mm (English Type)51 mm Tubes will be in cross pattern
28 mm 10.5 mm 15.875 mm (English Type)64 mm Tubes will be in straight pattern
28 mm 10.5 mm 8.81mm (German Type)58 mm
27 mm 10 mm 9.58 mm (German Type )55 mm
27 mm 10 mm 8.81 mm (German Type)55 mm
25 mm 8.5 mm 8.81 mm (German Type)50 mm
25 mm 8.5 mm 9.27 mm (German Type)50 mm
23 mm 7.5 mm 9.23 mm (German Type)44 mm
23 mm7.5 mm 11.40 mm (German Type)41 mm
We make fins of brass for areas which are not having cooler temperature.It provides cost benefits we no decrease on cooling efficiency.Our finishing for brass fins will be similar to copper fins. We make fins with dimples(bum fins ) and also without dimples.But all English type will have dimples. We have different Core Builders with fins per inch specifications like 5fpi,6fpi,7fpi,8fpi. We use 65/35 brass for making header plates.We use different thickness material in header plate as per application .We have all different embossing and puching dyes with zero tolerance with tubes so we get better joints and no problem of joints getting weaker over time. We have Batch furnace so we control temperature as per particular product mix and batch.We use high quality radiator flux so that brazing is very robust.After which core goes into right angle table and proper right angle of core is done. We have indipping pot in which header and tubes soldering take places.After which immediately we put air pressure to remove blockages of tubes. We have robust testing facility with pressure control valve.Leakages identified and marked and filled therein. We have water dryers machine in which core goes after testing so water is dried and it increases the finishing of the core. We also do cutting oil washing and special testing for Air Loading below the header plates. Finally each core is identified and marked in the process and then goes into packing department. Each process is checked by quality team and supervisors so that quality is ensured.We believe garbage in is garbage out.Henceforth we have strict parameters to buy our raw material .Henceforth good material in leads to good material out. We have boiler in which me make solder as per customer specifications.For us quality is of utmost priority.    
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